Mailbox locks and Why Should You Replace Them

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Mailbox locks allow you to keep your mail secure against everyone else’s. Depending upon where your mailbox is, there may be dozens of other mailboxes as well. Each of you will have a lock, and this ensures that no one is able to get into your mailbox. The mail courier has a single key that opens up the back of the mailbox housing unit to access all of the boxes at once.

You likely received your mailbox key from your landlord. This could be from an apartment complex, or from an individual who is renting you property. Regardless, you have to question who else has a copy of the key. There may be a variety of previous tenants who need a copy of the key and who could access your mailbox whenever they choose.

There may be various things coming in the mail for you that should not fall into the hands of someone else. This could include paychecks, packages, and much more. While it is a federal offense for someone to steal your mail, if they have a key to the mailbox, it makes it a whole lot easier for them to steal and get away with it.

While you would hope that the landlord or apartment complex where did create a new key with an Aurora Colorado locksmith 24/7 each time there is a new tenant, you cannot make assumptions. Many times, people will keep the same key simply because it’s easy. They assume that when people turn in the key, no copies have been made.

You cannot take such a chance. You have no idea as to whether they got a new key made or not. Even if you ask them, they could easily say that a new key was made when in reality, they didn’t. Even if they did make a key, they may have their own copy, which means they have access to your mailbox whenever they want. Even if they don’t take anything out of the box, they could be thumbing through to see who is sending you mail. This is an invasion of your privacy, and one that you do not have to accept.

The easiest thing for you to do is call and Aurora Colorado locksmith 24/7 when you move into a property that offers a locked mailbox. You may be given a key, but you cannot trust that you are the only key holder. When the locksmith comes out, they will be able to change the lock and provide you with a new key. This ensures that you are the only one that has a key to access the mailbox. The only other person who can access the mailbox is the mail courier, from coming along the other side.

This is the best option for you because it enhances your security. You don’t have to make assumptions about whether people have a copy of the key to your mailbox or not. You can take matters into your own hands and ensure that there is security on your mailbox. The key can be yours and yours alone – and when you move out of the property, you can then turn the key in so that the landlord has access to the mailbox.

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Don’t pay for costly repairs by damaging your doors with a coat hanger or a screwdriver.  Call us 24/7.

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If you need emergency lockout service 24 hours a day Contact me directly 24/7 at 720-903-1202  My name is Andrew Gonzales the Owner of Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7 – Services

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