The Difference between a Lock and a High Security Lock

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There are many different types of locks available on the market. Whether you are looking at a lock for your home or your business, you will want to compare traditional locks versus high-security locks. In many instances, a high security lock is going to be just that, a higher level of security. Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7 can help you to determine which one you will need in your particular situation.

The Issues with Standard Locks

A standard lock is manual and operates with a key. It will help you to control access, but there are many problems with these locks. One of the main ones is that the locks can be duplicated easily. Even if it is stamped with “do not duplicate”, there are still many shops that will provide the duplication. There are also vending machines now that will provide the ability to duplicate a key within minutes, and they do not look for the warning as well.

Another thing to consider is that standard locks can be picked open. There are many different products available to people who want to pick a lock, making it very easy. The cheaper the lock, the easier it is to pick open.

There are also locks that can be drilled open. This includes using a cordless drill that drills directly through the lock cylinder so that the door can be opened.

You don’t want to open yourself up to vulnerability and theft. This means that you need to consider the issues that arise from using standard locks and consider whether a high security law is in your best interest.

Why High Security Locks are Being Used

High-security locks have been developed as a way of addressing the issues from standard locks. This includes using a patented or restricted key that works with the lock. The distribution of blank keys is limited, which makes it more difficult for any shop to have such a key in order to provide a duplicate. They are generally only available through qualified locksmiths, which provide the needed authorization.

The high-security locks are also pick proof, which an Aurora Colorado Locksmith 24/7 will tell you is of the utmost importance. Even some of the more experienced thieves will have a difficult time picking the lock because of the technology developed within the lock itself. They are also drill resistant, so if a thief shows up with a cordless drill, they will not be able to drill lock open.

There are several different manufacturers who produce high-security locks. If you are considering changing the locks on your home or business, it is a good idea to explore these different brands. Instead of determining which one is best for your needs, you will want to call Aurora Locksmith Services to guide you through the different possibilities. Brands such as Medico, Schrage, Corbin-Russwin, and ASSA Lock may be used


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